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Voxdox is a new free text to speech app, available now for iOS, Android and Kindle.
Voxdox will read aloud any form of text for you in your choice of human voice.
Voxdox is a PDF reader and a PDF Translator. A smart PDF to Speech system converts your documents to quality speech. Import your PDF documents convert their text to voice.
Voxdox is also an eBook reader that supports EPUB, PRC, MOBI and MBP format eBooks, and an audio book creator that can turn any kind of text to a talking book in just a few clicks.
Voxdox can be used as a document scanner utilizing your device`s camera. Just take a picture of any document in almost any language, translate it to a different language if you wish to do so, and convert it`s text to speech.
Voxdox gives you the choice - listen to your document or simply read it - all audio materials are also presented in text form.

Converting text to voice has never been easier. Let your phone or tablet read aloud for you!

PDF Reader

Voxdox has a smart pdf to speech system that can make an audio file out of any pdf in seconds. All you have to do is download the app, login and choose your desired pdf file. Voxdox will make an audio book out of the pdf in seconds.

eBook Reader

If you wish to make an audio book out of an eBook, Voxdox is the right app for you. By using our Text To Speech engine you can easily convert eBooks to high quality human narration in a matter of seconds.

Audio book creator

Voxdox gives you the ability to make an audio book out of any text you choose. If you have a printed paper, article or book, you can use your devices’ camera to take a picture of the text and Voxdox will convert it to speech combining its’ OCR and text to speech abilities. If you wish to make an audio book out of a file or webpage, all you have to do is easily choose your desired text, Voxdox will do the rest.


How many times did you have a hard time reading an article in a foreign language and couldn’t find a translation online? Now you can stop looking. Simply open your document with Voxdox. The app will translate your text to your native language and read it for you.

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  • Text to speech (TTS) in more than 20 languages.
  • Translation to and from 20+ languages
  • PDF reader, PDF translator and PDF to speech converter
  • Microsoft Word Documents reader and translator
  • eBook reader, eBook translator and eBook to speech converter
  • Reads aloud web pages straight from your browser
  • Reads aloud directly from Google Drive
  • Use your camera to scan printed text (OCR) and convert it to speech
  • Audio is saved to your device for offline use
  • Advanced text editing options allow you to ignore uninformative text
  • Advanced text displaying options for easier reading
  • Clair Garfield psychology post-graduate

    "Since experiencing Voxdox I find it hard to imagine how I managed to deal with school before! Every day when I drive to school and back, I can easily go over my notes and get ready for tests. Before Voxdox I felt like there was never enough time; like I was always behind. Now, every moment can be used for studying, no matter if I'm cleaning my apartment, driving or running outside. Besides, I can share notes and articles with my classmates in seconds using Voxbox. An amazing app - I just love it!!! :)"

  • Ray Zuckerman

    - "I was waiting for a long time for such a user-friendly app. Tablets and iphones always made my eyes tired after 10 minutes. Now in a few clicks I can have everything read to me by converting any text to speech. And the voices are so good!! Now I'm back surfing the net and reading the news. It's like I got reconnected to the world again..."

  • Linda Smith Biology student, Yale University

    I tend to remember things much better if I hear them. Voxdox has changed my entire learning system. I can now listen to text books instead of reading them and my grades are up!! I save a lot of time by listening to my written materials while running in the park. thanks!